Our Story

SuCo is the reflection of Alihan and Zeynep’s inner worlds. Alihan and Zeynep have always had sport and good nutrition as a focal point through their lives. They have created foldable water flask SuCo for everyone respecting nature and themselves to be able to use one-bottle.

SuCo was started off as just an idea in March 2015 followed by a-year-long R&D process and finally has gone live onwww.mataramasu.co in March 2016 with 3 different designs. Today, SuCo holds 10 different designs in its product range, collaborations with hundreds of brands as references in addition to social responsibility projects.

SuCo sets sight on both improving water drinking habits and reducing the disposable plastic waste that we come across everyday, polluting streets, parks and seas. In order to do so, SuCo creates collections with new designs and products that address different target groups and reach out to more SuCo users.

Besides reducing disposable plastic waste, reaching out to a wider range of groups by collaborating with beloved brands and organizing events within the scope of recycling plastic waste, clean water accessibility and waste issues make up SuCo’s short-term plan.