Garanti Pension

“With our sense of responsibility towards the society and the environment, we continue our efforts to use our natural resources in the most efficient way. We take care to use our resources effectively in all our locations. In this context, we wanted to send a nature-friendly gift to all our employees to draw attention to the 5th June World Environment Day and to raise awareness. It was important for us that it was a nature-friendly product. It was also supposed to be both different and useful. Since SuCo met all our expectations, we made our choice without hesitation when we encountered 'SuCo'. We are also very pleased to receive positive feedback from our employees. With your solution-oriented approach, fast delivery, and referrals, we passed our process in a pleasant way. Thank you for your co-operation."

Human Resources and Organization Team

IBM Turk

"As IBM, we aim to reach our participants with innovative ideas every time in our events we organize throughout the year and thus demonstrate our difference.

The gifts we distribute to our participants in our events are as important as the content of our events, as they remind us afterward.

“After examining SuCo, which I came across in the gym, in more detail, we realized that SuCo's being innovative and different, as well as having a colorful world, coincides with our goals very directly.

“While creating the content of our event, we set our goal as experiencing the developing country market and technology in the most colorful, different, and unusual. Our collaboration with SuCo has enabled us to create lasting results in this respect. As IBM, we had the opportunity to work with SuCo for the first time in November 2017, and the products designed and presented to us by the SuCo team based on the theme of our event attracted great attention from our guests.

“After the positive feedback we received this time, we distributed specially designed flasks with the theme of "New Year" on New Year's Eve to introduce IBM employees to the colorful world of SuCo.

“We want to thank SuCo's young and dynamic team for helping us out of our mold in such a colorful, different, and innovative way!"

Begüm Erşen

Marketing Campaign Manager

Meal Box

“As Meal Box, we believe that our body is too valuable to be contaminated by unhealthy food. We also think that life is too short to pass on bad food. We thought of giving SuCo flasks worthy of our subscription services, where we offer our consumers meal options where they will eat good food and feel great. In this regard, we preferred SuCo flasks in terms of being both a local producer and a healthy flask option. Today, SuCo flask decorates thousands of customers' desks in their offices and workplaces.”

Marketing Team

İELEV Schools

“İELEV Schools have been holding a flag within Eco Schools for many years and acting with this philosophy. Most of our competition projects with our students are on environmental protection. For example, our students came 2nd in "Samsung Inventors of the Future Competition" with the project "Solar Cells in Different Lanes" in Turkey in December 2017.

“In addition, we try to spread the awareness of loving and protecting the environment in the social responsibility projects we carry out with our students. Some of these projects are waste oil collection, obtaining new products from waste, ending the use of paper and paper / plastic cups, etc.

“Paper/plastic cups are not used in our schools. Instead, our students have personal flasks and they use them. At this point, SuCo has become a product that coincides with our goal of leaving a livable world to future generations. We immediately prepared a design with the school logo and environmental message and presented it to our students. Made of a material that appeals to all age groups from kindergarten to high school, it does not pose a risk of broken glass or contain harmful plastic. Since it is cleaned with baking soda and vinegar, it does not encourage the use of detergents. By using SuCo, our students do not consume paper/plastic glasses and increase environmental pollution with detergent wastes. They try to spread this awareness to their acquaintances. We have received very positive feedback from our students, parents, and team.

“Thanks to the entire SuCo team for their support.”

Emre Ünlüsoy Aksayar

İELEV Schools Corporate Communication Manager