Corporate Projects

Your Brand is More Sensitive and Useful Than Ever.

Wouldn’t be better if customer/staff gifts and promotional items are both interesting and sensitive and serve a purpose?

Then you are in the right place. SuCo offers an innovative, sensitive, and useful solution to brands that value human body and environmental awareness. SuCo can be customized specifically for your brand. When you contact SuCo, you will be a part of the daily life of your target audience and reinforce your brand image on the road to sustainability and awareness.

SuCo, which sets out with the mission of increasing daily water consumption of individuals and reducing disposable plastic waste, stands out with its BPA and PET-free internal structure, foldable and light use.

You can improve daily water consumption habits and support the reduction of single-use plastic waste by encouraging and familiarizing your staff, business partners and target audience to the use of SuCo flasks.

You can

-Increase the water that you drink daily and pay more attention to how much water you drink during the day

-Reduce disposable plastic waste

-Decrease the carbon dioxide emissions

-Save more resources

-Strengthen the brand image

-Spread your logo/design to the masses

-Add a new one to your sustainability projects

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You can contact us at to get detailed information and to learn about brand-specific SuCo options.